Rails "render method" and "redirect method"

Deep digging, memo

Difference between the two

· Call render and ** return to browser ** create complete ** response ** -Call redirect_to and send ** HTTP redirect code status ** to ** browser **

Summarize briefly render method ... Specify "** view file " to be displayed redirect method ... Specify " URL (HTTP request method) **"

"Redner" method

As explained above, the View ** you want to display in ** Action The method to specify

In that Action, what is stored as @ ~ (instance variable) is It is possible to call from View with Ruby syntax

View formats that can be called include ".html" and ".html.erb". You can also output text format, JSON, XML


Simple movement of ** controller → view ** Specify the view file you want to display, I'm just displaying it

"Redirect_to" method

To "resend" the request again to another URL Method for issuing commands to the browser

Send an HTTP request to the server The user will see the HTML returned from it

As a side note, in Rails' redirect_to method ** HTTP method is fixed to "GET" **

So ** Cannot redirect ** with POST request etc. **


controller → URL → route → controller → view

And you can see that it works with a completely different structure from the render method

Points to use properly, precautions

・ If you fail to log in or enter = ** I just want to display an error ** → render method -When data update or deletion is required = ** Controller processing ** is required → redirect_to method

・ Only one view can be returned from one Action


class ○○Controller < ApplicationController
  def create
    if ~~
      render "index"
    render "new" ☓
    redirect_to "new" ○

Reference article

https://railsguides.jp/layouts_and_rendering.html https://qiita.com/1ulce/items/282cccba1e44158489c8 https://qiita.com/kanpe777/items/c5154b58c852855deefc https://easyramble.com/cannot-post-redirect-on-rails.html https://stackoverflow.com/questions/985596/redirect-to-using-post-in-rails

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