Getting Started with Docker for Mac (Installation)

Download Go to the Official Page ( Press the "Get Started" button Docker-top.png Download by "Download for Mac" of Docker Desktop Docker-Download.png


Double-click the downloaded Docker.dmg to install it Confirm that "Docker" has been added to the application Double-click on Docker When you press the "OK" button, the authentication screen will appear, so enter the password. Docker-Password.png This completes the installation

A screen to proceed to the tutorial will appear This time, you can just press "Start" to proceed, Through and close the screen Docker-start.png

Operation check & Hello from Docker!

Launch a terminal located in the application's utilities Then execute the following command

docker run hello-world

Docker-hello-world.png If "Hello from Docker!" Is displayed, the installation is successful and the operation check is OK. By the way, when the first "docker run container image" is executed, Since the container image does not exist locally From a site called "docker hub" where you can share and use docker container images Download and run

Register with docker hub

If you use Docker in the future, register docker hubDocker-register.png After registering, you will receive an email, so please check it.

For the time being, at least Docker can be used. I would like to post an article about Docker as soon as possible.

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