[JAVA] [Spring Boot] How to create a project (for beginners)

What to do this time

  1. Create a SpringBoot + Java8 + gradle project.
  2. After accessing localhost: 8080 in chrome, display "Hello World".


--IntelliJ (free)

Prototype a project with Spring Initializr

--Open the official page of Spring Initializr.  2019-10-01 17.27.51.png ――Here, select the elements you need and create them.  2019-10-01 17.28.40.png  2019-10-01 17.29.00.png --When you have made your selection, click the Generate button.  2019-10-01 17.29.32.png --A zip will be created in the location you specified, so unzip it.  2019-10-01 17.30.18.png

Open project in IntelliJ

--Open the folder you just unzipped.  2019-10-01 17.31.01.png --Right-click on the build.gradle file and open it in IntelliJ.  2019-10-01 17.31.42.png  2019-10-01 17.32.11.png

Show Hello World

--Without any modification to the SampleApplication class created in the early stages Create a new Controller class in the same directory as the SampleApplication class.


public class HelloController {

    public String index() {
        return "hello world";

    public String index2() {
        return "Hello";

--When you access "localhost: 8080", the GET method is called and The characters are displayed.  2019-10-01 17.52.39.png

important point

--Thymeleaf is not required. --When you make a change to the code, you have to press "■ (Stop)". Since it will be started multiple times, let's erase it one by one and then run "▶". --When you want to create RestAPI, not "@Controller" Let's add "@RestController".

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