[JAVA] What to do if you can't install the plugin from the Eclipse marketplace

Note that I was addicted to not being able to install the plug-in from the Eclipse marketplace. It may be a phenomenon that occurs in other than STS.


Elipse4.6Neon pleiades All in One SpringToolSuit(STS) for Eclipse 3.8.4.Release


"Cannot connect to repository (URL omitted)" </ font> or "(URL omitted) .jar repository cannot be read." > Or a message appears and the plug installation fails. Moreover, since Eclipse starts to search for a solution without permission, it takes about 2 hours to ** install → search for a solution ... → an error has occurred **.


There seems to be a bug in the network connection settings when connecting to the marketplace. You need to modify the network settings on the Eclipse side. Of course, it is unlikely that the repository is down.

Action 1. Change the native connection to a manual connection (solution)

Window → Settings → General → Network connection Change the active provider from native to ** manual **. Nothing else is tampered with. Hit ** eclipse.exe -clean.cmd ** in the same folder as eclipse.exe to perform a clean start and reinstall (it will still fail until you do a clean start). I solved it with this.

Action 2. Use the original Eclipse instead of All in One (unverified)

The theory that the network connection is caught and strange due to the initial setting of All in One Some people seem to have solved this, but I haven't tried it. If coping 1 is not good, it may be worth trying.

Action 3. Reconfirm the repository URL

This cannot happen if you install via the marketplace, but you may want to check if you have specified the repository yourself from "Install New Software".


[Eclipse] Cannot connect to eclipse marketplace

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