[RUBY] After learning Progate, I tried to make an SNS application using Rails in the local environment


Now that I've learned Progate's Rails course, can I make the same on my PC (local environment)? I thought, I made an SNS application that also serves as a review and output.

Development environment

macOS catalina version 10.15.6


Local development environment → Deploy to heroku (make it visible to everyone)

Completed "Heart-warming chat" https://honobonochat.herokuapp.com/ I changed the name, but the contents are almost Progate's Tweet app (laugh)

Difficult & caught points

・ zsh: command not found and does not accept any command


I enter various rails commands to mess with the database in the terminal, but I encounter a phenomenon that only zsh: command not found appears


I just forgot to type rails console ...

Also, since you can't hit rails s during rails console, you need to close the rails console with "exit" ...

I didn't know that I had to close the server every time to operate the terminal.

(In Progate, I used to operate the rails console normally with the server open with rails s)

Forgot to type the usual phrase


An error occurs when deploying to heroku or changing a gem.


I forgot to type rails db: migrate, or I forgot to type bundle install.

→ There was a scene where I was distracted by the MVC structure and forgot the roles of the database and table, and I felt that a migration error had occurred.

I posted an image but it disappears


Even if I post an image, I encountered a phenomenon that it disappears after a certain period of time for some reason


In the free version of heroku, it turned out that the image is automatically deleted after a certain period of time. This can't be helped.

Impressions I was impressed that "what I was doing with Progate can be done with my own PC!"

I think it was a good experience because I had to start building the environment from scratch, even though it was local.

What I did was almost a sutra copy, but it took longer than I expected to complete due to a series of errors that could not have occurred with Progate.

I've heard stories in many places that "engineers spend more time googled than writing code," but I realized that was the case.

I googled with the thought that "If you get stuck, you should google, there must be a predecessor who was in trouble with the same thing."

Reference page I referred to the following article.

-When trying to deploy to heroku from a local environment https://qiita.com/Kohei_Kishimoto0214/items/d4a4ca13d4a8ab11b3f8

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