Java tips --Spring execution Summary

Spring execution summary

There is a way to use execution when specifying a method in Spring and AOP. At that time, it is easy to write execution, so I will summarize it as a memorandum.

How to write execution

For example, if you have the following test method:

package test;

public class TestC {
    public String testM(String str) throws Exception {
        return "test";

When using pre-processing AOP for this test method, write as follows.

@Before("execution(public String test.TestC.testM(String)) throws Exception")

Write the elements in the following order. --Modifier --Return type

Qualifiers and exceptions can be omitted in this. Therefore, it is possible to write as follows.

@Before("execution(String test.TestC.testM(String))")

In addition, you can use wildcards in the return value, package name, and class name.

@Before("execution(* test.*.*(..))")


I always forget it, so it's worth it just to be able to remember it all together.

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