How to SSH into Ubuntu from a terminal with public key authentication

Server rental (ConoHa)

・ OS Select Ubuntu ConoHa.png

・ SSH Key Select to create a new key Download Key with "+ Add" 図1.png

Rent a server with this setting

Operation in the terminal

Start a terminal and change to the directory containing the public key you downloaded earlier.

cd Downloads/

Next, type the following command to give the read permission of the downloaded public key only to the PC owner. xxxxx.pem is the name of the downloaded file.

chmod 400 xxxxx.pem

Finally, type the following command to log in with your public key If successful, welcome to ~~~~~ This time log in with the root account For the IP address, enter the IP address of the rental server rented at ConoHa.

ssh -i xxxxx.pem root@<IP address>

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