[RUBY] [Error] The app is not displayed in the production environment


I followed the steps to deploy, but I don't see it in production: sob: As a result of trial and error for nearly an hour, I will leave it as a memorandum for my commandment because it was a simple answer: bow_tone1:


Even if I enter ** http: // : 3000 / ** in the browser, it is not displayed: sob: スクリーンショット 2020-06-04 16.08.27.png

Something wrong? ?? I thought, and as a result of continued loading even after reloading, it did not change. ..


① Check the error on the terminal (EC server)

Repository name(EC server)

$ less log/unicorn.stderr.log

The following error is displayed as a result of entering the above command スクリーンショット 2020-06-04 16.14.18.png

What you should check is ** (Mysql2 :: Error :: ConnectionError) ** on the third line. Does Mysql start? ??

② Check the status of Mysql

Repository name(EC server)

$ sudo service mysqld status

#After entering the command, if the following is displayed, it is running
mysqld (pid  8621) is running...

Alright! no problem. .. Then why? ??

③ Check the port on AWS

スクリーンショット 2020-06-04 16.28.29.png

Port range input omission: tired_face:


There was an input omission when setting the port of the security group in AWS. You need to enter the following contents when adding an inbound rule.

** [Type] ** Custom TCP rules ** [Protocol] ** TCP ** [Port range] ** 3000 ← I forgot: expressionless: ** [Source] ** Custom

The screen is displayed in the browser safely: sparkles:


Command collection at the time of production environment deployment https://qiita.com/15grmr/items/7ad36caa82a0fa27c4bd

Errors that faced during deployment and their countermeasures https://qiita.com/sho012b/items/54fcd932ff8c76cdcd05

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