[RUBY] What to do when undefined method ʻuser_signed_in?'

I will summarize what I learned and stumbled every day. If you find any mistakes in the description, please let us know! I'm always helped by other people's articles, so I hope it helps.

What kind of error is it

Error that user_signed_in helper method is not defined, which can be used in devise.

When it happens

  1. When devise is not installed.
  2. When there is no description such as devise_for: users in routes.rb.


Describe the following in the Gemfile.

gem 'devise'

Do the following in the terminal:

install gem

bundle install

Create configuration file

rails g  devise:install

Create a model that supports the login function

rails g devise user

Create a table related to the login function

bundle exec rake db:migrate

Describe the following in routes.rb

devise_for :users

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