What to do when you run into a docker-compose node_modules problem

What kind of problem?

Recently, when building an environment for node with docker-compose, I encountered a problem that node_modules in the container went somewhere.

After a lot of research, it seems that when I mount the local directory inside the container with docker-compose, it is overwritten and the node_modules inside the container disappears.

How did you solve it?

Looking at the article such as https://qiita.com/suin/items/e53eee56da23d476addc, it seems that it can be avoided by creating volumes and mounting node_modules there. However, in this case, node_modules is not generated in the local environment, so the type definition of the package cannot be referenced with TypeScript, and the taste of using TypeScript is diminished.

To solve this problem, you can also do yarn install with command of docker-compose to make node_modules in the container mounted locally and have node_modules locally I saw an article that I was trying to come up with. However, with this method, yarn install runs when doing docker-compose up, so it took a reasonable amount of time with docker-compose up. (It seemed like it took a lot of time to bring the node_modules in the container locally)

Therefore, I tried to solve it by the following method. (If this solution is Bad, please let me know and you will learn)

├── app
│   ├── Dockerfile
│   └── src
│       ├── package.json
│       └── yarn.lock
└── docker-compose.yml


FROM node
ADD src/package.json /app/
ADD src/yarn.lock /app/
RUN yarn install


volumes: #← Add
  app_node_modules: #← Add
    image: ./app
      - ./app/src:/app/
      - ./app/src/node_modules:/app/node_modules #← Add
#The following is omitted

So far, it's the same as the article at https://qiita.com/suin/items/e53eee56da23d476addc. On top of this, by running the following script when adding a package (instead of docker-compose build), node_modules is also generated locally.


docker-compose build
cd app/src && yarn install

For the time being, this solved the problem that node_modules disappeared and the problem that there was no type definition. However, since it is assumed that there is a node in the local environment, I wish there was a better solution. (But I didn't understand)

in conclusion

I would be grateful if you could tell me if there is a good solution.

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