Time shift measures with Docker for Windows


Accident memo

  1. On Docker Desktop with WSL2 as the backend, apt throws a Release file for is not valid yet error.

  2. What to do if apt gives a Release file for xxx is not valid yet error in WSL2 integrated Docker for Windows Time adjustment was effective in the container as a countermeasure when hwclock -s did not solve the problem with wsl -d possible distribution, which is the method described in the article.


Windows 10 build 19042 Docker Desktop

Events and solutions


Execute the following command for the ubuntu: 20.04 container

apt install build-essential

The result is a Release file for xxx is not valid yet error (probably libc6 failed to log).

There were many articles that the time difference on the WSL side was the cause, so I ran the following command, but it didn't work.

wsl -d docker-desktop
hwclock -s


I decided to solve the problem by adjusting the time with ntpdate on the container side instead of the WSL side.

ntpdate ntp.nict.jp

I was angry with Can't adjust the time of day: Operation not permitted. This is due to the container lacking permissions.

Resolved by passing the --privilaged option to docker run.

docker run -itd --privilaged --name hoge ubuntu:20.04 

It's dangerous because there are too many authorities, but it's a hobby environment, so I'll solve it for the time being. (SYS_TIME, NET_ADMIN was not enough)

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