How to make an app with a plugin mechanism [C # and Java]

I did some research on the title, so I posted it here as well. However, although there was active movement (papers, articles, etc.) in the plug-in architecture around 2003, it seems that the content has not been discussed much recently. This time, I've implemented a sample bibliography to give you a feel for how to make it.

Basic method of making
Basic usage
For C



For Java

Class_Plugin System(java).png

Deployment_Plugin System(java).png

How to implement it with something that does not have an interface such as python?

Python seems to be a specification that allows multiple inheritance without having an interface. If you do not take care when implementing it, you will suffer from the influence of other modules ... This is a continuation of the investigation ...

Personal impression

[See here for the same content and code (mainly here)]


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