[Java] Introduction to programming for art students (updated at any time)

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Chapter 0 Introduction https://qiita.com/iigura/items/b5e368bc8bc5e1b86f8b

** Chapter 1 Preparation-Installing Processing ** https://qiita.com/iigura/items/d7df16d1a3d74f6ae544

Chapter 2 Creating a Canvas https://qiita.com/iigura/items/b70deef1bc5d818d5063

Chapter 3 First Drawing 3.1 Draw a straight line Https://qiita.com/iigura/items/fe250cb7cd83241af882 3.2 Make straight lines more attractive Https://qiita.com/iigura/items/01e35f7fcd88114b1a42

Chapter 4 Draw a rectangle 4.1 How to draw a basic rectangle Https://qiita.com/iigura/items/fb10baf070e85b74fbcc 4.2 How to draw a free rectangle Https://qiita.com/iigura/items/67d3a287f23de587f406 4.3 How to draw a non-free rectangle Https://qiita.com/iigura/items/6364347d7dae6b998d8e