[Java] Introduction to Programming for College Students: Introduction

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This document is based on the textbook of a class actually conducted at an art school. Unlike science students, college students do not always have a programming background.

However, even at art colleges, programming knowledge such as media art and interactive installations is often required (though those who know the situation may feel “what’s up now …”). .. Therefore, I tried to explain in an easy-to-understand manner by showing as many concrete examples as possible so that even college students can understand.

Of course, there are some college students who have surprisingly high programming abilities. That said, on average (of course), I feel that more polite explanations are needed when compared to science college students. So it may seem a bit verbose to a quick understanding person, but that’s why.

In this series of documents, we will explain programming using a system called Processing. Processing is a system that allows even beginners to easily programmatically create computer graphics (CG) animations using the language Java.

Recently, not only Java but also programming languages such as Python and JavaScript can be used, but in this course, we will explain using Java.

What is a good program

In this series, what is a good program as well as the basics of programming? Will be explained on the axis of abstraction. There is no clear definition like mathematics for the definition of a good program.

However, in this series, we will continue to explain programs that are more flexible and more resistant to change as good programs.

Also as a refactoring text

Refactoring is the act of changing the program list (sometimes called source code) without changing the behavior of the program. In this course, we will also show you how to change to a better program through refactoring.

As mentioned at the beginning, this document was created as learning content for college students, but since it is a content that allows you to experience the actual refactoring on paper, not only program beginners but also beginners I think that it can be used as a refactoring text for those who aim for.