[Ruby] Muscle Ruby on Rails Day 1-Environment Construction-

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What is Ruby

  • Dynamic programming language
  • Everything is an object -Properties (instance variables) and actions (methods) can be given to all pieces of information and code
  • Ruby flexibility -User can change core parts freely
  • Block: Expressive features -You can add a block to the method that describes how it behaves -Block is influenced by functional language

What is Ruby on Rails

  • A web application framework written in the Ruby programming language

Environment construction-preparation


  • Software package management system on Mac -Will install software regardless of package dependencies


  • Ruby version control system -Easy to switch Ruby version


  • Omitted

Ruby on Rails

  • Omitted


Gem as a Ruby package (also called a library) A package is a collection of useful functions that are parts of a program.


A bundler is a tool for managing gems, and the bundler itself is a type of gem. By using bundler, you can manage gems while maintaining the dependency of multiple gems.



Note 1 (rbenv)

$ ruby -v
When Version does not change,
As a workaround, hit the following code
$ vi ~/.bash_profile
At the bottom
Added eval "$(rbenv init -)"
Finally hit the following command
$ source ~/.zshrc

Note 2 (Rails application startup)

$ cd project name
$ rails server