[Ruby] TECH CAMP learning personal application creation ②

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Create a user model using devise

I installed devise by creating a personal application.
First, enter the following in the Gemfile.

By the way, devise is said to mean ** “invent, devise, devise, invent” ** in Japanese.

Then at the terminal
『bundle install』
『rails g devise:install』
『rails g devise user』

Are executed in order.

Then edit the migration file as follows.

  • Caution: You can omit #.
    ** ① null: false is used to prevent saving in an empty state. ** **
    ** ② unique: true is used to prohibit duplicate names in the table. ** **

Next, edit app / models / user.rb as follows.
** Validates means to verify in Japanese, presence means existence, and uniqueness means uniqueness. ** **

By translating the code written in English into Japanese, I felt that the meaning could be understood well.
** Also, migration seems to mean move, migration. In other words, the migration file may be an image like a blueprint for moving to a database table. ** **