[JAVA] Install gradle on mac

A personal memorandum for installing gradle on your Mac. I think it's hard to forget and install the jar every time.

Apply update

$ brew update

Something is an error, so untap as written

$ brew untap homebrew/homebrew-dupes
$ brew untap homebrew/homebrew-x11

Install gradle

$ brew install gradle

Incidentally maintenance

$ brew cleanup

Move to the desired directory

Move to the directory containing build.gradle etc.

Initial processing

$ gradle

I get this

Welcome to Gradle 5.4!

Here are the highlights of this release:
 - Run builds with JDK12
 - New API for Incremental Tasks
 - Updates to native projects, including Swift 5 support

For more details see https://docs.gradle.org/5.4/release-notes.html

Starting a Gradle Daemon (subsequent builds will be faster)

> Task :help

Welcome to Gradle 5.4.

To run a build, run gradle  ...

To see a list of available tasks, run gradle tasks

To see a list of command-line options, run gradle --help

To see more detail about a task, run gradle help --task 

For troubleshooting, visit https://help.gradle.org

1 actionable task: 1 executed

Confirm task (do not have to)

$ gradle tasks
> Task :tasks

Tasks runnable from root project

Build tasks
assemble - Assembles the outputs of this project.
build - Assembles and tests this project.
buildDependents - Assembles and tests this project and all projects that depend on it.
buildNeeded - Assembles and tests this project and all projects it depends on.
classes - Assembles main classes.
clean - Deletes the build directory.
jar - Assembles a jar archive containing the main classes.
testClasses - Assembles test classes.

Build Setup tasks
init - Initializes a new Gradle build.
wrapper - Generates Gradle wrapper files.

Documentation tasks
javadoc - Generates Javadoc API documentation for the main source code.

Help tasks
buildEnvironment - Displays all buildscript dependencies declared in root project 'ArtNet for Java'.
components - Displays the components produced by root project 'ArtNet for Java'. [incubating]
dependencies - Displays all dependencies declared in root project 'ArtNet for Java'.
dependencyInsight - Displays the insight into a specific dependency in root project 'ArtNet for Java'.
dependentComponents - Displays the dependent components of components in root project 'ArtNet for Java'. [incubating]
help - Displays a help message.
model - Displays the configuration model of root project 'ArtNet for Java'. [incubating]
projects - Displays the sub-projects of root project 'ArtNet for Java'.
properties - Displays the properties of root project 'ArtNet for Java'.
tasks - Displays the tasks runnable from root project 'ArtNet for Java'.

Verification tasks
check - Runs all checks.
test - Runs the unit tests.

Pattern: clean: Cleans the output files of a task.
Pattern: build: Assembles the artifacts of a configuration.
Pattern: upload: Assembles and uploads the artifacts belonging to a configuration.

To see all tasks and more detail, run gradle tasks --all

To see more detail about a task, run gradle help --task 

1 actionable task: 1 executed


$ gradle build
4 actionable tasks: 4 executed

If successful, a jar file will be generated in the build / libs directory. happiness.

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