Install Docker on Windows 10 PRO

Install Docker on Windows 10 PRO

0. Prerequisites

--Windows 10 PRO [for using Hyper-V]

1. Enable Hyper-V

-[Start]> [Windows System Tool]> [Control Panel] -[Programs and Features] --[Turn Windows features on or off] -Check [Hyper-V] and [ON].

2. Download Docker

Download from the Docker official website. The file size is about 388MB as of September 21, 2020. Docker : Install Docker Desktop on Windows Docker: Difference between Stable and Edge

3. Install Docker

Follow the wizard to install the downloaded . (Run as administrator just in case)

restart. The following message is displayed after restarting. WSL2_message.png

Access the URL in the message. ms: Windows Subsystem for Linux Installation Guide for Windows 10

It seems that you have to install a specific Linux distribution, so avoid this setting.

I decided to uncheck "Use the WSL 2 based engine" in Docker Settings. ↓ Docker Desktop is running.

4. Operation check

Windows PowerShell

docker --version
docker-compose --version

Docker, Docker-Compose version confirmation OK.

that's all

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