Build Couchbase local environment with Docker


A memo when building a local environment of Couchbase with Docker


There was a local environment for Vagrant, --Startup and build are heavy --No code (black boxed) --Vagrant No one on the team understands (because of the environment created by the person who left the company) There are problems such as.


Replace the local environment with Docker.

Work log

Try moving the couchbase image.

First, let's launch the Couchbase container without making detailed settings.

-Check the image at Couchbase docker hub repository スクリーンショット 2020-09-20 13.48.25.png

→ Since the version of the production environment is 4.5.1, use community-4.5.1.

--Start the container

For the time being, start as described in Description

$ docker run -d --name db -p 8091-8094:8091-8094 -p 11210:11210 couchbase:community-4.5.1

--Container startup confirmation

$ docker ps

↓ Start OK スクリーンショット 2020-09-20 13.57.20.png

--Console operation check

Access with a browser and confirm that the Couchbase console is displayed. 0_0_0_0_8091_ui_index_html__.jpg You can manually set the account and bucket by pressing Setup, but since the purpose is coding, we will skip it here.

Check the operation for the time being. ..


Create Dockerfile, docker-compose.yaml

The following settings are required to set up the local environment. --Create cluster --Service settings --Couchbase server credentials settings --Bucket creation --View settings

Dockerfile (also docker-compose.yaml) is described in order to put the above settings into the code.

#Directory structure
├ docker-compose.yaml
└ mbe-couchbase-container
  ├ byfield      
  │ └ all.ddoc   #view definition file
  ├ Dockerfile   #Couchbase Docker file
  └ #Bash script to configure Couchbase
# docker-compose.yaml
version: "3.7"
    build: ./mbe-couchbase-container
      - 8091:8091
      - 8092:8092
      - 8093:8093
      - 8094:8094
      - 11210:11210
      - 11211:11211

--Set Couchbase credentials with COUCHBASE_ADMINISTRATOR_USERNAME,COUCHBASE_ADMINISTRATOR_PASSWORD --In build: ./mbe-couchbase-container, specify ↓ Dockerfile

#Create Dockerfile
FROM couchbase:community-4.5.1

#Copy the Couchbase initialization shell into the container
COPY ./ /opt/couchbase
COPY ./byfield/ /opt/couchbase

#Couchbase configuration execution shell
CMD [ "/opt/couchbase/" ]
#Couchbase configuration shell
set -m

#Server startup
/ couchbase-server &

#Roughly set the waiting time until the API server starts TODO:I want to detect server startup and proceed with processing.
sleep 30

#Cluster memory allocation
curl -v -X POST -d memoryQuota=4096 -d indexMemoryQuota=4096

#Service settings
curl -v -d services=kv%2cn1ql%2Cindex

#Couchbase server credentials settings

#Bucket cap lift(The maximum number of buckets is 10 by default,,If you want to create more, you need to change with the following settings)

#Bucket creation
curl -v -u $COUCHBASE_ADMINISTRATOR_USERNAME:$COUCHBASE_ADMINISTRATOR_PASSWORD -X POST -d name=bucket_name -d bucketType=couchbase -d ramQuotaMB=100 -d authType=sasl -d saslPassword=ladd_personal_info1

echo "please wait 30 sec..."
sleep 30
#View settings
curl -v -u $COUCHBASE_ADMINISTRATOR_USERNAME:$COUCHBASE_ADMINISTRATOR_PASSWORD -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d @/opt/couchbase/all.ddoc

sleep 15

#Foreground execution
fg 1

--Container execution with docker-compose

$ docker-compose up -d mbe-couchbase

Confirm bucket startup.


Couchbase doesn't find many articles even if I google. The official reference was solid and it was just a simple implementation so I didn't have any problems. .. Is Couchbase not popular? It seems that the cloud version came out a while ago, but I don't think it will be used when relocating to the cloud.


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