I tried running Docker on Windows Server 2019

A Windows container that is in a terrible situation so far. Kubernetes has said it will stop supporting Docker, so at least I think Docker's eyes will be closed in the future, but it's also a good idea to check the current status of dying Windows Server + Docker before the coming (or coming) Containerd. I thought it was not bad for the purpose of recovering the investment of my new mini PC.

Docker installation

Well, it's not worth keeping the procedure down, so if you write it briefly,

    1. Get the evaluation disk for Windows Server 2019 and install it on VMware Workstation. https://www.microsoft.com/ja-jp/evalcenter/evaluate-windows-server-2019?filetype=ISO

I made a virtual machine with 2 CPUs, 8GB of memory, and 60GB of HDD, but with 60GB of HDD, it fails because there is not enough space to Docker save the image of the microsoft/windows container. Really? .. .. Well, 60GB is enough.

    1. Install Docker on Windows Server. Something seems to be old, and it doesn't work as written here and there, but the following is official. https://docs.microsoft.com/ja-jp/virtualization/windowscontainers/quick-start/set-up-environment?tabs=Windows-Server

After installing Docker, the Docker engine of a vendor called Mirantis Container Runtime, which is unknown at the time of writing the article (well, I just acquired Docker EE from Docker) will run. At this point, it is hopeless whether it can be used in the Japanese commercial environment.

> docker version
Client: Mirantis Container Runtime
 Version:           19.03.14
 API version:       1.40
 Go version:        go1.13.15
 Git commit:        e820475
 Built:             12/17/2020 19:30:16
 OS/Arch:           windows/amd64
 Experimental:      false

Server: Mirantis Container Runtime
  Version:          19.03.14
  API version:      1.40 (minimum version 1.24)
  Go version:       go1.13.15
  Git commit:       57e3a05525
  Built:            12/17/2020 19:29:00
  OS/Arch:          windows/amd64
  Experimental:     false

Try using Docker on Windows Server

    1. Try running the IIS container. First, to find out which tag image to deploy, you'll know the quirks of recent Windows Server version nomenclature. https://hub.docker.com/_/microsoft-windows-servercore-iis

The latest Windows, which is also called Windows Server 2009 (10 smaller than 2019), seems to mean Windows released in September 2020. The point is that this doesn't hurt well in 2016 or 2019, and the next release will be 2103. This growls. If you add Windows Server 2022 in the next LTSC release, it will be older than 2109, right? You can even see where Ichamon is attached. So maybe the next Windows Server LTSC isn't called 2022. Like Windows Server X.

However, so-called long-term support (LTSC) is specified only in 2019 and 2016, so other than that, it is an unlucky child who was able to feel at that time.

In addition, the version name and build number of Windows Server 2019 (LTSC) that seems to follow the above rules are as follows according to "System"> "Version Information". Version: 1809 OS build: 17763.1697

So, after all, it is not clear which tag should be pulled and it consumes about 30 minutes, but in the end I settled on the conclusion that "windows server core-ltsc 2019" written at the top of the page is a safeguard. It was.

> docker pull mcr.microsoft.com/windows/servercore/iis:windowsservercore-ltsc2019

So start this. It's a long image name that I haven't experienced yet, and it shows the weight of Microsoft's history.

> docker run -d -p 80:80 mcr.microsoft.com/windows/servercore/iis:windowsservercore-ltsc2019

The explanation of Docker Hub says that it can not be accessed with `` `http: // localhost``` due to a WinNAT problem, but it seems that it has been solved in Windows Server 2019, there is no problem when trying to access it with a Web browser The IIS screen is displayed. image.png

    1. Try updating the container file I wondered if docker cp works for Windows containers, but this is not a problem.
PS> type index.html
<!DOCTYPE html>
Hello World!
PS> $container = (docker ps -q)
PS> docker cp .\index.html ${container}:"C:\inetpub\wwwroot\"

Reload your web browser. image.png

docker logsThe command does not display the iis log. This is where I want the official image side to do something about it.

in conclusion

Well, after all, the best thing about Windows Server is that it can be managed by connecting it with a remote desktop, but there is no sign that it will be solved or it will be possible. There is no doubt that it is more meaningful for Microsoft to delve into Windows Virtual Desktop. Their direction is correct. I want the game streaming market to lead the next generation of IT.

What exactly do people in the Kubernetes neighborhood want to do with Windows node integration? ..

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