I want to build Java Applet without using an IDE

I was asked to make a Java Applet in class, but NetBeans is recommended. I didn't like an IDE that I wasn't used to. So I wanted to make Java Applet with VS Code, so I will summarize the knowledge at that time I don't know about Linux because it is written on the premise of Windows.

~~ Or rather Java Applet is no longer recommended, right? ?? ?? ?? ~~

1: Write code

--Import what you need

import java.applet.Applet;
import java.awt.*;

――Various things

public class CLASS_NAME extends Applet {

    public CLASS_NAME() {

    public void paint(Graphics g) {
        //Make various

** (This is not the main subject) **

2: Compile

Launch command line

The location of the java file for the cd source
javac source.java

3: Create an applet-based HTML file

<head><title>Applet Test</title></head>

<applet code="CLASS_NAME.class" width="150" height="150">


It seems that this file name does not matter (I am troublesome, so I use applet.html by changing only the class name)

~~ 4: Place the two files created as follows ~~

folder --- Applet.html
        -- Classes(folder) --- CLASS_NAME.class

2018/11/30 Correction: When codebase is specified in the above html, it seems to be useless unless it is in that folder, but if you remove codebase, it will be the working folder as it is It looks like you can hit it </ font>

5: Run the applet

On the command line

 appletviewer Applet.html

If there is no error with this, it succeeds If you get an error, check the folder location, class name, and cd location.

Thank you for your hard work.

~~ It's the second time, but Java Applet isn't stupid now ????? ~~

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