[RUBY] heroku deploy

If you are using a database other than postgreSQL, comment out the gem for that database and At the bottom of the Gemfile, declare to use postgreSQL in production and bundle install.


# gem 'mysql2', '>= 0.4.4', '< 0.6.0'

group :production do
  gem "pg"

If you use a template literal in jQuery, comment out the following sentence.


# config.assets.js_compressor = :uglifier

After that, log in if registration is completed on heroku.


$ heroku login

After that, create an application managed by GitHub on heroku.


$heroku create app name

Execute the following code with commit and push on GitHub and merged into master.


$ git push heroku master

Create a database on heroku.


$ heroku run rails db:migrate

And finally open the app


$ heroku open

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