Create SolrCloud verification environment with Docker

Preparation of

Copy from official git and change the following part .docker/etc/ Put it in default / Change the directory according to your environment.





version: '3.8'
    image: solr:8.6
    container_name: solr_node1
      - ./.docker/etc/default/
      - "8981:8983"
      - zookeeper1
    image: solr:8.6
    container_name: solr_node2
      - ./.docker/etc/default/
      - "8982:8983"
      - zookeeper1
    image: zookeeper:3.6
    container_name: zookeeper1
      ZOO_MY_ID: 1
      ZOO_SERVERS: server.1=zookeeper1:2888:3888;2181
      ZOO_4LW_COMMANDS_WHITELIST: mntr,conf,ruok

infoStream settings

If infoStream is enabled, detailed log related to index generation will be output.



It will be enabled if you write the above setting in solrconfig.xml.


<AsyncLogger name="org.apache.solr.update.LoggingInfoStream" level="off"/>
<AsyncLogger name="org.apache.solr.update.LoggingInfoStream" level="info"/>

If the level of LoggingInfoStream is off, it will not be output, so change it to info. Now it will be output to solr.log.


docker-compose up -d

http://localhost:8982/solr/#/ The screen is displayed when you access.

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