[JAVA] Create a simple bar chart with MPAndroidChart

wrap up

If you want to make a simple graph with MPAndroidChart, On the contrary, it was difficult to make a simple graph because of the rich functions. It became ver3.0.2 and it was a little different from the previous version (x-axis label display etc ...)

What I wanted to do

I wanted to make a simple bar graph like this. Screenshot (2017%2F09%2F08 午前10-18-41).png

Especially difficult to understand

・ Display label on x-axis ・ Set any color for each graph


public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity {

    protected BarChart chart;

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        chart = (BarChart) findViewById(R.id.chart1);

        //Display data acquisition
        BarData data = new BarData(getBarData());

        //Y axis(left)
        YAxis left = chart.getAxisLeft();
        //In integer display
        left.setValueFormatter(new IAxisValueFormatter() {
            public String getFormattedValue(float value, AxisBase axis) {
                return "" + (int)value;

        //Y axis(right)
        YAxis right = chart.getAxisRight();

        //X axis
        XAxis xAxis = chart.getXAxis();
        //List of Labels to display on the X-axis(the first""Is the position of the origin)
        final String[] labels = {"","National language", "Math", "English"};
                xAxis.setValueFormatter(new IndexAxisValueFormatter(labels));
        XAxis bottomAxis = chart.getXAxis();

        //Display on the graph

        //Usage Guide

        chart.animateY(1200, Easing.EasingOption.Linear);

    //Get bar chart data
    private List<IBarDataSet> getBarData(){
                //Data to be displayed
        ArrayList<BarEntry> entries = new ArrayList<>();
        entries.add(new BarEntry(1, 60));
        entries.add(new BarEntry(2, 80));
        entries.add(new BarEntry(3, 70));
        List<IBarDataSet> bars = new ArrayList<>();
        BarDataSet dataSet = new BarDataSet(entries, "bar");

        //Display as an integer
        dataSet.setValueFormatter(new IValueFormatter() {
            public String getFormattedValue(float value, Entry entry, int dataSetIndex, ViewPortHandler viewPortHandler) {
                return "" + (int) value;
        //Don't highlight

        //Set the color of the bar
        dataSet.setColors(new int[]{R.color.material_blue, R.color.material_green, R.color.material_yellow}, this);

        return bars;


To display a label on the x-axis It feels like converting the numerical value displayed on the x-axis of the data into a label. Arbitrary color setting for each graph can be executed by setting the color list in the data list. In addition, by default, you can zoom in and out, tap to highlight, etc. I had to do quite a lot to adjust it because there were a lot of scales.

reference Labels on the x-axis (https://github.com/PhilJay/MPAndroidChart/issues/2044) Color for each graph (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38872181/mpandroidchart-bar-chart-how-to-change-color-of-each-label)

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