[RUBY] I am studying to change jobs from inexperienced to a web engineer.


I am studying to change jobs from inexperienced to a web engineer. I would like to write an article to record the progress of study and study methods.


First of all, I would like to introduce myself. Currently, I am doing a lot of architectural work. I am 31 years old, married and have a 2 year old child. As for my programming experience, I used Fortran in my research when I was in college to create a numerical calculation program. Since I was in college, I found programming interesting, but since I was studying architecture, I just started working in architecture. I've been working for 7 years at the current company, and it's fun as it is, but when I tried programming outside of work hours, I found it very interesting, so I recently started thinking about changing jobs to a web engineer.

I tried programming several times before, but I was frustrated during the process (development of Android and iPhone apps). When I started working on the Rails course of Progate from October 2020, it was very easy to understand, and I felt that I could learn without frustration, so I am working on my studies in earnest. Before October, I was thinking about going to a programming school once, but before I went to school, I decided to try Progate once, and when I worked on it, I thought that I didn't have to go to a programming school yet. It has been changed.

Currently, from the end of work, I am studying for about 2 hours a day, and about 5 hours a week. On Saturdays and Sundays, I have children, so I don't have much time. In the above situation, I am working on my studies. It was an introduction.

Study progress

First month

From October, we started the rails course of progate's web development path. The order of the courses was ruby ​​→ rails → HTML. I had some idea about HTML, so I'm just skipping it. As for the period, rails was completed in about January, and HTML was completed in about 2 weeks after that. Learning ruby ​​and rails was a lot of fun, but it was a lot of pain because HTML became a task. I managed to finish the HTML course because I wanted to get a certificate of completion of the Web development path anyway.

Also, after the Web development course was over, I felt that I was going to continue studying, so I decided to buy a MAC computer. Originally, I was using a Windows computer, and I wasn't particularly dissatisfied with it, but I was told that it would be a problem if my wife occupied the computer, and if I wanted to become an engineer, I would need a MAC computer someday. I decided to buy it and bought a MacBook Pro with Dawn at the end of October 2020. However, I had a lot of regrets here, but in November, MAC's latest personal computer was released, and it seemed to be quite popular because it used the M1 chip. I thought I made a complete mistake when I bought it, but I'm using it now and there are no problems, so I decided to give up on the new MAC. If a new item comes out in November, I felt like telling the clerk of the electric shop. Well, I'm sorry I didn't check it out. .. ..

Second and third months

After HTML was finished, I researched various ways to learn rails and was wondering whether to carry out a rails tutorial or create an original application once. However, I read the article linked below and thought that it would be better to output once at an early stage, so I decided to make my own original application.

What I did to change jobs to a web engineer in 4 months from inexperience

When making an app, I first copied the code of progate and tried to edit it as appropriate, but when the amount of code copied was too large, I gave up without knowing where the error occurred.

So, it's a hassle, but I did it by re-starting the rails course of progate and editing only the part I want to change to the code that matches my original application. With this, I could modify the placement and operation of the controller, so I didn't have to worry about it.

In about a month and a half, I was able to get a rough idea of ​​how to create the original app.

Contents of the original app

Although it is an original app, I made an app that aggregates the burden ratio of housework. https://shosuke1989-kazi-app.herokuapp.com/

Here is a rough overview. ――Determine the points for each housework. --Keep a record of each time the user performs household chores --Aggregate how much the user has done the housework. ――Visualize who did the housework and how many points in the family.

Originally, I wanted to visualize which of my wife and myself was doing more housework in the family, so I made this app. I thought that such an app wouldn't exist in the world yet, but when I looked it up when I made it, I was a little disappointed that a similar app had already been made, but I made it with the intention of practicing. did.

About publishing the app

It was quite difficult from the rough creation of the original application to the publication on the Web. I tried to publish using Github → Heroku, but I got an error on Heroku. I managed to make it public through various trials and errors, but I felt that it would be quicker to ask an experienced person about this work with a mentor. Well, I feel that I have the ability to research various things, so I think that I have definitely acquired the skills, but I am a little worried that I am wasting my time.

Future outlook

About the app ――There are still many bugs and layout defects in the previous app, so I would like to fix them in the future. --Improved because validation etc. are not set completely --We have not taken any password security measures, so we will implement them. --Adjust the layout --When you delete the user, an error occurs, so take corrective action. --Display the total points in a graph etc. --Display only the amount of housework performed on the day. --Sort household chores in chronological order --Allows you to change the aggregation period once a week, once a month, arbitrarily, etc.

Other ――However, I'm thinking of doing a rails tutorial while modifying the app. ――When the tutorial is over, I'd like to find a mentor on Twitter or a mentor's service, and proceed with consultations on the current bad way of writing programs and future study plans. ――I hope you can connect to job change activities after that. --I want to build an environment that allows you to easily check tables like progate. (I could do it if I looked it up, but I didn't work on it this time because I could do it without it) --I want to change the VSC settings to make it easier to use. --I want to set the MAC properly

So far, this is the progress, so I would appreciate any advice. In particular, I think that the apps I made have a lot to offer, so I'd like to hear your opinions. However, the level is still too low and I think that it can not be used as a reference even if I listen to it, so after accumulating a little more knowledge such as proceeding with the tutorial, I understand that I can get opinions from various people. I wonder if it can be used as a reference. that's all. Thank you for reading this poor content to the end. I will continue to do my best.

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