[JAVA] I tried using Apache Wicket

I tried using Apache Wicket

While repairing the functions of the Web Application created by other business divisions, we will also carry out subsequent operation and maintenance. So, if you look at the source of what kind of framework you are using for the time being, it is called Apache Wicket. Do not know. I was suddenly interested in seeing that the HTML file that I thought was a screen mock actually doubles as the production HTML (formally, the production HTML file also serves as the mock). Whenever a framework I don't know comes out, I usually buy a book and read it, so search on amazon. The 2009 book is 7198 yen ...? There seems to be no other Japanese book. Let's give up. So, I will learn while making it based on the information on the web. For the time being, after studying, I made some kind of sample.

: one: Creating PJ on Eclipse For the time being, the environment anyway. When I try to create a maven project in Eclipse, I get an Apache wicket quick start.

https://wicket.apache.org/start/quickstart.html I should have seen it here from the beginning, but I noticed it after making it. When you create a project, it looks like sample code. For the time being, the sample worked. The version is old, but I tried it with 1.4.23.

About the correspondence between: two: html and java (1)

Let's add one to the sample html.


<span wicket:id="footer">This is footer message.</span>

Unable to find component with id 'footer'... I got an error like this. I see, is this the * Web pages are objects * on the official website? Since html and Java objects are associated with each other, what is in html is also necessary on the Java side.


add(new Label("footer", "This is fotter."));

When I added the class corresponding to footer in the HomePage method, footer was displayed. Let's find out how this works.

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