[JAVA] Run Payara with Docker

This is the 19th day of Payara Advent Calendar 2016.

Payara has a Docker image, which is published on the Docker Hub.

From this, the command to run the application using the Payara Micro image is as follows.

docker run -d --name=helloworld -p 8080:8080 \
           -v `pwd`/helloworld/build/libs:/opt/payara/deployments:ro \
           payara/micro java -jar /opt/payara/payara-micro.jar \
           --deploy /opt/payara/deployments/helloworld.war

I am trying to access port 8080 with -p. -v mounts the directory where the WAR file is stored ( build / libs in the above) to / opt / payara / deployments. After that, specify the image (payara / micro) and write the java command to move Payara Micro.

As mentioned above, I tried to move Payara Micro, which can be easily operated with just one JAR, more easily using Docker (I personally find it easier because I don't need to fetch the JAR). .. Docker Hub also has payara / server-full, payara / server-web, and payara / microprofile, so I'll play with them a little more.

I have an app on GitHub that just makes Hello world to try Payara Micro on Docker, so please try it if you like.

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