[Java] What to do if the contents saved in the DB and the name of the enum are different in the enum that reflects the DB definition

Content of the problem

It is a copy of the DB table definition as it is, and since it was covered with reserved words and definitions, it was defined with _.

Problematic enum

public enum Moge {
    hoge("hoge"), fuga("fuga"), _native("native"); //native is a reserved word


Here, the query result to Jdbc was mapped using ʻEnum.valueOf, but the value that can be obtained from the DB is native, which is different from _native`, so it could not be mapped.


I made an annotation that conveys the field corresponding to the value that can be taken from the DB, and made it possible to map by processing the annotation with reflection.


public @interface MapByValue {
    String value();


public enum Moge {
    hoge("hoge"), fuga("fuga"),
    @MapByValue(value = "native") _native("native"); //native is a reserved word

/*Omitted below*/

How to process annotations

private Object mapEnum(Class<?> clz, String columnValue) {

    String finalColumnValue = columnValue;
    columnValue = Arrays.stream(clz.getFields()) //Get all fields
            .filter(it -> {
                //When MapByValue annotation is attached and its value is equal to colmunValue
                MapByValue mapByValue = it.getAnnotation(MapByValue.class);
                return mapByValue != null && mapByValue.value().equals(finalColumnValue);
            .map(Field::getName) //Use the name of the given field

    return clz.cast(Enum.valueOf((Class<Enum>) clz, columnValue));

protected Object getColumnValue(ResultSet rs, int index, PropertyDescriptor pd) throws SQLException {
    Class<?> clz = pd.getPropertyType(); //Get type information


    if (clz.isEnum()) { //For enum
        byte[] bytes = rs.getBytes(index);
        if (isEmpty(bytes)) {
            return null;

        return mapEnum(clz, new String(bytes, Charset.forName("UTF-8")));


Another idea

Since all ʻenum had a function to convert from value to ʻenum for the convenience of converting from Json, I thought about using this from reflection, but it is more versatile to process with annotations. I decided. I wish I could do valueOf ʻOverride` ...

Articles that I used as a reference

-Annotation of Enum constant -Yamkazu's Blog

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