[RUBY] How to delete child elements associated with a parent element at the same time

Regarding the delete function of the review model in Rails, it originally worked without problems, but an error occurred after implementing the comment model. I have clarified the cause, so I will share it.

Development environment

Ruby 2.6.5 Rails

Implementation details when a problem occurs

Routing is nested with reveiw as the parent and comment as the child.


resources :reviews do
    resources :comments, only: [:create, :destroy] 

It was implemented so that the review would be deleted. Before the comment was implemented, it could be deleted as it is.


<%= link_to review_path(id: @review.id), method: :delete do %>
    <div>Delete review</div>
    <div>You can delete the review here.</div>
<% end %>

Modification place

Since we implemented comment as a child element of review, we must implement it so that comment is deleted at the same time as review is deleted. Therefore, modify models / review.rb as follows.


has_many :comments



has_many :comments, dependent: :destroy

The deletion function implementation is completed here.



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