[Java] I passed Java Silver in 2 weeks without knowing Java

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I tried to accept Java Silver without knowing Java. I learned and passed the Java SE 8 Programmer I (JAVA Silver) learning method, so please refer to those who want to take Java Silver.

For exams, procedures up to the exam

First of all, it is surprisingly difficult to apply for an exam. Please refer to the articles below to understand the meaning and procedure of taking an exam.

Referenced articles “Java Silver Examination Procedure and Learning Method”

I also use this article as a whole reference.

Study materials

I used only the following two books.

Learning flow

As for the contents of “Thorough capture Java SE 8 Silver problem collection”, chapters 1 to 9 contain problem collections by topic, and chapters 10 and 11 contain comprehensive problems (simulation test). Based on that, I studied according to the following flow.

(1) Solve chapters 1 to 9 first → check only answers (your own ability check) Correct answer rate is 10% (2) Solve Chapters 1 to 9 → Understand explanation thoroughly (know the definition of words and the flow of processing) 20% correct answer rate (3) Solve chapters 1 to 9 → Explain the mistakes in particular carefully (I feel that the understanding has deepened) Correct answer rate 50% (4) Solve Chapters 10 and 11 (Mock Test) → Carefully understand comprehension rate: 20% correct answer Here, my heart breaks once (5) Solve Chapters 10 and 11 → Understanding and understanding carefully 40% of correct answers (6) Solve Chapters 10 and 11 → Become familiar with which topic 70% of correct answers (7) Memorize problems that you are not good at (8) Return to the chapter on problem genres that you are not good at and review After that, just repeat (6) to (8).

Time saving

  • When you don’t understand something, do a Google search for what you don’t understand. →Because I do not know how to search, I will search first without thinking about anything →Reduce thinking time!

  • If you don’t understand what you’ve looked up many times on the spot, look up again. →Following the same flow many times, the memory is fixed. → Reduce review time!

  • If you still do not understand, ask someone who understands. → Save time to understand! *An environment where you can ask questions is recommended as it can be online or offline.

  • At the stage of repeating problems, answers that fit, explanations that you can do yourself Do not repeatedly solve problems. →Time saving for laps

I think these areas are effective as a way to deepen understanding in a short period of time.

Study time

I have about 120 hours in 15 days According to the information collected from the examinees, it seems that at least 100 to 150 hours of study time is secured.


As a result, the pass line was 75%, compared with 65%.

** Creating a study environment ** ** Secure study time ** things to do

That is all there is to say.

Those who say that they are not good at classroom learning should also write an article about their measures. See you again!