[Python] Difference between class method and static method

class Parent(object):

    class_var = 'parent_class_var'

    def class_method(cls):
        print('cls: {}'.format(cls))
        print("class_var: {}".format(cls.class_var))

    def static_method(raw_str):

if __name__ == '__main__':
    raw_str = 'He has been fired\n'
    # cls: <class '__main__.Parent'>
    # class_var: parent_class_var
    # He has been fired

    parent = Parent()
    # cls: <class '__main__.Parent'>
    # class_var: parent_class_var
    # He has been fired

Common point

the difference

How to use properly?

Because static methods don't take classes as arguments Class-independent logic will be implemented as a method. However, if the method does not depend on the class in the first place, shouldn't it be implemented as a function instead of as a method in the class?

class Child(Parent):

    def static_method(raw_str):

However, static methods are useful when inheriting a class and changing the logic content between parent and child. It may be implemented as a class method, It can be emphasized that it is a class-independent process.


Since only static methods exist in C ++ and Java It is undeniable that the existence of both class methods and static methods in Python is somewhat redundant.

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