Create a web environment quickly using Docker


I've been coming without touching Docker for a long time, but recently I've been trying various things, feeling the atmosphere that seems to be used for deep learning. Then, in the current project, I wanted to set up a Web server and verify it, so I decided to build an environment with Docker, so that's a memo.

By the way, I was a little addicted to mounting the directory on the host side when trying to do it in a Windows environment, so it is mainly a memo.

For this memo, I referred to the following article.

-Set up a web server with Docker and create a verification environment

Start container

Starting a container is very simple.

Start container

#Start Docker container
$ docker container run --name web -d -p 8888:80 -v $(pwd):/usr/share/nginx/html nginx:alpine

In the article I referred to, the command was written as above, but in Windows the path on the host side of the argument passed to -v had to be described as follows.

It was written at the end of this article.

-Start docker for windows

Starting a container on Windows

$ docker container run --name web -d -p 8888:80 -v D:/path/to/docker/nginx/html:/usr/share/nginx/html nginx:alpine

The meanings of the command arguments are as follows.

container                        #Subcommands for container operations
run                              #Start container
--name <container-name>          #Container name
-d                               #Start the container in the background (d of detach)
-p <host-port>:<container-port>  #Port forwarding of host port and container port
-v <host_path>:<container_path>> #Mount the host volume in a container
nginx:alpine                     #Image name of container

Stop and delete containers

Stop and delete containers

$ docker container stop web

$ docker container rm web

Confirmation of mount information, etc.

$ docker inspect $(doker ps -q)

$ (docker ps -q) will return the ID of the running container.

Other referenced articles

--Mount the host machine's directory in the Docker container / Check the mounted path

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