Operate Emby with Docker

Last time: Ghost with Docker This is the trajectory of my trial and error that I want to be able to use Docker soon.

Migrate Emby to Docker

Last time, I migrated the blog service Ghost to a container. Untitled(9).png

This time, among the VM server applications, Emby, which is a media server, will be operated with Docker. Untitled(10).png


As for the image, there is Official maintenance image, so use it. Originally I used it without any special settings, so I just mounted the media volume.

docker-compose.yml excerpt

    image: emby/embyserver:latest
    restart: always
        - /home/fclef/docker/server/media/config:/config
        - /mnt/a:/mnt #Media volume that was also mounted in the VM

As expected, the official maintenance was enough, and it moved quickly.

Reverse proxy

Emby deploys under the root, not under the subdomain. This image delivers Emby on port 8096.

domain.conf excerpt

    location /media/ {
        rewrite ^/media(.*)$ $1 break;
        include /etc/nginx/params/proxy_params;
        proxy_pass http://media:8096;

that's all. It was the easiest transition ever. Next time, I'll finally port a Python application such as WebSocket or Django. It seems that we will finally write a Dockerfile. Next time: Running a Python Web application with Docker

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