[JAVA] How to implement one-line display of TextView in Android development

Controlling single-line display in TextView

In iOS, it is a line display of Android TextView, which is equivalent to UILabel. I was surprised today so I will share it. The premise is that after getting the character string to be displayed in Text by API communication, let UIKit setText and make it Label or TextView. It is a situation to display characters. If it's a fixed string, it can't be a story of such control!

About UI Label on iOS

By default, UILabel has two or more lines, but if the height of UILabel is a size that can display only one line, "1 line" is displayed as a character string, and the character breaks are abbreviated as "xxxx ...".

About TextView on Android

By default, if the number of characters is 2 or more lines, the TextView will be displayed. What was displayed as a character string was "1 line", and the part where the character was cut off was displayed as "xxxx".

So the dictator asked me to match the iOS specifications. It was the agenda this time to display "..." in the program.

About implementation method


        android:textColor="@drawable/RED" />

Set ʻandroid: singleLinetotrue and By setting ʻeandroid: ellipsize to ʻend`, "xxxx ..." could be realized.

About ellipsize options

The ellipsize options are controlled as shown in the table below.

Value TextView default value motion
none do nothing
start ...xxxx
middle xxx...xxx
end xxxxxx...

At the development site of smartphone apps, most of the specifications are for iOS or Android, so You can realize a smart implementation by knowing in advance how the behavior changes between both OSs.

With that in mind, I'm currently studying Android SDK and UI.

Well, but I want to touch Kotlin soon.

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