[Java] How to make Burp Suite extensions

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For now, I’ve put together the information I looked into when I started writing extensions to the Burp Suite. I’ll omit how to install and use Burp.

This time, I have referred to the following.

How to make Burp extension

  1. Get the source for the interface from Burp and incorporate it into your extension. (“Extender” -> “APIs” -> “Save interface files”)
  2. Create a class named burp.BurpExtender as follows. -Package belongs to burp -Class name is BurpExtender -Implement interface IBurpExtender

  3. Write the code you want to actually execute in the registerExtenderCallbacks() method of the implemented IBurpExtender interface.


package burp;

public class BurpExtender implements IBurpExtender {

    public void registerExtenderCallbacks(IBurpExtenderCallbacks iBurpExtenderCallbacks) {
        // write the code that will actually be executed here

Some of the functions that can be created

  • I(Proxy|Http|Scanner)Listener API Get problems detected by HTTP communication such as Proxy and Scanner

  • IContextMenu~, IMenuItemHandler API Expanded right-click menu

  • IMessageEditor~ API Customize HTTP edit screen

  • IIntruderPayload~ API Payload generation for Intruder

For details of other functions, refer to the following.

Extension loading

  • Extender >Extensions >Add
  • Select the extension jar file you want to add from Select file…
  • If nothing is displayed in the Error tab, loading succeeds without any error


  • Burp UI seems to use Latin-1 (ISO8859-1). Garbled characters are troublesome…