Connect with VS Code from a Windows client to Docker on another server

0.Intro I searched for a way to do it, but it didn't work. Added remote-containers extentions to VSCode and added to setting.json. However, even if [Containers] is set in REMOTE EXPLORER, Containers are not displayed at all.

1. It finally came out. The first sentence of the official website.

Use ssh-keygen or similar to get and configure a public/private key pair for SSH authentication. Password authentication is not supported by Docker and not possible with a DOCKER_HOST-based configuration. If a key pair has already been set up, it can be used.

It was that. When I set the ssh connection between the Windows machine and Linux to public key authentication, Container was displayed successfully. And you can work by attaching it to the running Container.

2. Lessons learned

There was an article saying that you can do what you wanted to do this time just by adding, but you did not write the main premise. After all, once I got stuck to some extent, I realized that it was important to return to the original document, even if it was a little long and difficult to read.

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