[Introduction to Docker x ECS] ECS deployment with docker compose up

Docker's ECS Plugin has been released, and it seems that it also supports the stable version of Docker for Mac, so I tried it.

There are official documents and commentary sites, but there were some stumbling blocks, so (Unknowingly, the docker ecs compose command has been integrated into docker compose ...) I summarized it as a memo for ECS beginners.

Verification environment

Version 2 is required for AWS CLI. We recommend that you update both Docker and AWS CLI to the latest version.

Reference link: AWS CLI Settings Installing, updating, and uninstalling AWS CLI version 2 on macOS

Docker image preparation

This time, I will use Docker official sample. First, check the operation locally. It is almost written in Official Doc, but as a memo for myself, it is a Docker official sample. I will explain the procedure of.

--Pull Docker official sample

$ git clone https://github.com/docker/ecs-plugin.git
$ cd ecs-plugin/example/

--Tag with the name example and build the app directory

$ docker build app -t example

--Specify a tag and confirm that the image has been created

$ docker images --filter reference=example
REPOSITORY          TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
example             latest              33e46b7030e0        4 minutes ago       52.3MB

--Local operation check

$ docker run -t -i -p 5000:5000 example
Running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)

Try accessing Because redis is not running redis.exceptions.ConnectionError Should occur. Exit with CTRL + C.

Setup with Amazon ECR

Amazon ECR is like Docker Hub. Push the created Docker image to ECR and pull it when using docker-compose.


$ docker context use default
$ docker context ls

IAM user preparation

This also creates an IAM user according to Official Doc .. Follow the steps to create it with the name "Administrator". When you sign in as the IAM user you created, "Administrator @ aws_account_id" is displayed in the navigation bar. ex. [email protected]

Make a note of the credentials as you will use them later. aws_account_id aws_access_key_id aws_secret_access_key

Authenticate to the default registry from the console

In my case, I use the Tokyo region (ap-northeast-1). Enter the aws_account_id confirmed in the navigation bar in [aws_account_id] without hyphens. ex. 1234-5678-9012 => 123456789012

$ aws ecr get-login-password --region ap-northeast-1 | docker login --username AWS --password-stdin [aws_account_id].dkr.ecr.ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com
Login Succeeded

Create repository

Now that you have an image to push to Amazon ECR, create a repository to hold it. Create a repository called example: latest and push the example image you just created.

--Create a repository

$ aws ecr create-repository \
		--repository-name example \
		--image-scanning-configuration scanOnPush=true \
		--region ap-northeast-1 

--Tagging images to push to the repository

$ docker tag example:latest [aws_account_id].dkr.ecr.ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/example:latest

--Push the image

$ docker push [aws_account_id].dkr.ecr.ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/example:latest
$ aws ecr list-images --repository-name example

docker-compose Local operation check

Pull the image pushed to ECR and check the operation locally. Make sure you can push the image to ERC. Open the Amazon ECR console (https://console.aws.amazon.com/ecr/). The example repository should have been created.

スクリーンショット 2020-10-30 13.01.54.png

Copy the URL. Paste it into the image in docker-compose.yml and docker-compose up. comment out x-aws-pull_credentials as they are not needed this time.


version: "3.8"
    build: app
    # x-aws-pull_credentials: <<<your arn for your secret you can get with docker ecs secret list>>>
    image: 123456789012.dkr.ecr.ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/example:latest
      - "5000:5000"
      - backend
    image: redis:alpine
$ docker-compose up

You can pull the image pushed to ECR, so you can check the operation of the app locally.

スクリーンショット 2020-10-30 13.09.57.png

I was able to confirm the operation of redis.

$ docker-compose down

Deploy to ECS

AWS Context creation

As per docker docs (translation), create it with the name myecscontext. Use the credentials you created in IAM earlier. aws_access_key_id aws_secret_access_key

$ docker context create ecs myecscontext
? Select AWS Profile new profile
? profile name myecscontext
? Region ap-northeast-1
? Enter credentials Yes
? AWS Access Key ID aws_access_key_id
? Enter AWS Secret Access Key aws_secret_access_key
Successfully created ecs context "myecscontext"

Check context

$ docker context ls
NAME                TYPE                DESCRIPTION                               DOCKER ENDPOINT               KUBERNETES ENDPOINT   ORCHESTRATOR
default *           moby                Current DOCKER_HOST based configuration   unix:///var/run/docker.sock                         swarm
myecscontext        ecs                 ap-northeast-1                 

Use myecscontext

$ docker context use myecscontext
this tool requires the "new ARN resource ID format"

It looks like you need to enable the long ARN format. I think it's magic and execute it.

$ aws ecs put-account-setting-default --name awsvpcTrunking --value enabled
$ aws ecs put-account-setting-default --name containerInsights --value enabled
$ aws ecs put-account-setting-default --name containerInstanceLongArnFormat --value enabled
$ aws ecs put-account-setting-default --name serviceLongArnFormat --value enabled
$ aws ecs put-account-setting-default --name taskLongArnFormat --value enabled

Deploy to ECS

It's finally ECS, but it's over in an instant. When docker compose up, resources are automatically created and deployed.

$ docker compose up
WARN[0000] services.build: unsupported attribute        
[+] Running 17/17
 ⠿ example                        CREATE_COMPLETE                                                                                                          204.0s
 ⠿ ExampleLoadBalancer            CREATE_COMPLETE                                                                                                          122.0s
 ⠿ FrontendTCP5000TargetGroup     CREATE_COMPLETE                                                                                                            1.0s
 ⠿ CloudMap                       CREATE_COMPLETE                                                                                                           51.0s
 ⠿ FrontendTaskExecutionRole      CREATE_COMPLETE                                                                                                           22.0s
 ⠿ LogGroup                       CREATE_COMPLETE                                                                                                            3.0s
 ⠿ ExampleDefaultNetwork          CREATE_COMPLETE                                                                                                            8.0s
 ⠿ Cluster                        CREATE_COMPLETE                                                                                                            6.0s
 ⠿ BackendTaskExecutionRole       CREATE_COMPLETE                                                                                                           21.0s
 ⠿ ExampleDefaultNetworkIngress   CREATE_COMPLETE                                                                                                            1.0s
 ⠿ FrontendTaskDefinition         CREATE_COMPLETE                                                                                                            3.0s
 ⠿ BackendTaskDefinition          CREATE_COMPLETE                                                                                                            4.0s
 ⠿ FrontendServiceDiscoveryEntry  CREATE_COMPLETE                                                                                                            3.0s
 ⠿ BackendServiceDiscoveryEntry   CREATE_COMPLETE                                                                                                            1.9s
 ⠿ BackendService                 CREATE_COMPLETE                                                                                                           68.0s
 ⠿ FrontendTCP5000Listener        CREATE_COMPLETE                                                                                                            1.0s
 ⠿ FrontendService                CREATE_COMPLETE                                                                                                           68.0s

Check the deployed app

Check the status of the running container.

$ docker compose ps
ID                                     NAME                REPLICAS            PORTS
example-BackendService-xSDWkSABSvEt    backend             1/1                 
example-FrontendService-0pIz1giwUZg4   frontend            1/1                 ExampleLoadBalancer-29dbd0f98418a861.elb.ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com:5000->5000/tcp

Try accessing the frontend PORTS. I think you have deployed the sample app. http://ExampleLoadBalancer-29dbd0f98418a861.elb.ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com:5000/

Delete deployed resources

If you docker compose down, the resource will be deleted automatically.

$ docker compose down
[+] Running 17/17
 ⠿ example                        DELETE_COMPLETE                                                                                                                515.0s
 ⠿ ExampleLoadBalancer            DELETE_COMPLETE                                                                                                                389.0s
 ⠿ FrontendTCP5000TargetGroup     DELETE_COMPLETE                                                                                                                389.0s
 ⠿ CloudMap                       DELETE_COMPLETE                                                                                                                514.0s
 ⠿ FrontendTaskExecutionRole      DELETE_COMPLETE                                                                                                                393.0s
 ⠿ LogGroup                       DELETE_COMPLETE                                                                                                                471.0s
 ⠿ ExampleDefaultNetwork          DELETE_COMPLETE                                                                                                                467.0s
 ⠿ Cluster                        DELETE_COMPLETE                                                                                                                467.0s
 ⠿ BackendTaskExecutionRole       DELETE_COMPLETE                                                                                                                472.0s
 ⠿ ExampleDefaultNetworkIngress   DELETE_COMPLETE                                                                                                                  3.0s
 ⠿ FrontendTaskDefinition         DELETE_COMPLETE                                                                                                                390.0s
 ⠿ BackendTaskDefinition          DELETE_COMPLETE                                                                                                                467.0s
 ⠿ FrontendServiceDiscoveryEntry  DELETE_COMPLETE                                                                                                                389.0s
 ⠿ BackendServiceDiscoveryEntry   DELETE_COMPLETE                                                                                                                467.0s
 ⠿ BackendService                 DELETE_COMPLETE                                                                                                                464.0s
 ⠿ FrontendTCP5000Listener        DELETE_COMPLETE                                                                                                                388.0s
 ⠿ FrontendService                DELETE_COMPLETE                                                                                                                386.0s


Docker official sample Deploying Docker container on ECS How to start Amazon ECR using AWS CLI How to start Amazon ECS with Fargate The docker ecs command was born by collaboration between Docker and AWS, so I tried using it I tried Amazon ECS deployment of Docker Compose

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