Story of passing Java Gold SE8


Finally, I got "Oracle Certified Java Programmer, Gold SE 8". As a result, the correct answer rate was 87%. (Passed at 65% or more) I was worried before receiving it, but I was able to do it unexpectedly ...

I will write about the merits of getting a Java qualification and the impressions about the actual exam.

What is Java Gold SE8?

An Oracle-certified Java programmer qualification. There are 3 types, Bronze, Silver, Gold Difficulty is [Bronze <Silver <Gold] </ B>. The examination fee is about 30,000 pelica including tax. This cannot go out to the ground! !! Also, Gold has acquisition conditions, and Silver qualification must be acquired in advance </ B>.

By the way, SE8 refers to the Java version.

Benefits of qualifying (learning) Gold

It feels like it covers the specific usage of Java classes and methods. Also, the field of "Stream API" </ b> is heavily focused. If you learn this, you will be able to write a lot of for statements and if statements, and you will be able to write unreadable code concisely. Other scope includes parallel processing, file operations, and database connections. (There are others, but I will omit them.)

I think the benefits of learning are as follows.

  • You will acquire the skills to write code that is concise and highly readable.
  • Understand the methods (file operations, database connections, etc.) that are actually used in practice.
  • You can learn about speeding up processing (parallel processing, this is quite difficult lol)

In other words You'll learn about the characteristics of object-oriented languages in Silver, but you'll see that Gold mentions a lot of Java classes and methods. However, the range includes the part that overlaps with Silver.

Estimated study time in Gold

I think that the amount of learning is fairly large for people with little practical experience to do. By the way, I am an inexperienced person. You should take a look at the study time of about 120 hours. (I think it is necessary if you want to understand it thoroughly)

How to study in Gold

I have a theory about this. First of all, I think it's better to read the explanation in the purple book, code it yourself, and proceed while checking the operation </ b>. The explanation of purple books is more polite than that of black books. As for the reason why it is better to code, it is more convincing to actually operate it, and there are unexpected discoveries in the middle of coding. (Compilation error, etc.) Also, if you study only with books, the contents will not be input easily.

I feel that it is mentally safer to start the problem of Kuromoto with a light mind about the concept and what kind of method there is. It may be frustrating to try to solve Kuromoto without knowing anything at all. (By the way, when I was Silver, I was studying only in Kuromoto. The commentary is polite.)

About the Gold exam

Compared to the Silver exam, the hooking problem factor seemed to be weaker. If anything, it's important to understand the behavior when using the method </ b>. In other words, it gives the impression that if you study hard, you will get a good score.

Also, Kuromoto was the strongest. </ b> I learned using both black and purple books Kuromoto is definitely the factor that got a high score in the exam. However, it is the purple book that has detailed explanations. It's a purple book for learning Java, and a black book for exam preparation. Well, I personally recommend using both.

The reason why Kuromoto was the strongest was that there were many problems with déjà vu. It's not good for learning, but it seems that the one who happened to remember the answer will come out as it is. In that sense, it may have been the same as Silver. It may be possible to make a line by covering the functional interface and Stream API firmly and doing about 2 laps of Kuromoto's comprehensive exercise.

After that, as with Silver, there is a free retake </ b> during the campaign, so you should definitely check it.

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