Use cljstyle with Spacemacs on Ubuntu on WSL2

cf. Summary of formatter cljstyle settings in Clojure development environment: Spacemacs, IntelliJ IDEA (Cursive), VS Code (Calva)

Spacemacs on Ubuntu18.04LTS on WSL2 cannot be installed from brew like Mac (Installing casks is supported only on macOS was: innocent :)

Download and use the executable file from cljstyle release list

#Download and unzip(For example v0.13.0)
$ wget
$ tar -xvzf cljstyle_0.13.0_linux.tar.gz
#if~/.If you are using the bin directory, you should move to it
$ mv cljstyle ~/.bin/

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Use cljstyle with Spacemacs on Ubuntu on WSL2
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